Project Description

Deep Soaking Tub, Ontario, Canada

Product: Nirvana Deep Soaking Tub
Client: Ms R.

Japanes style soaking tub, Ontario Canada. Shown with a marble surround.

The Project:

When Dr & Mrs C. decided to remodel the bathroom of their private residence in West Yorkshire, they considered various standard baths but could find nothing that really suited their tastes and space requirements.

They wanted a spacious, double-ended bath tub with comfortably reclining raised backs that would offer good support. They were also looking for a curving, organic-looking shape that would make an impressive design statement. The bath was to be installed in a corner of a long en-suite bathroom, for which it would provide a visual focus.

Unable to find a perfect match amongst the many manufacturers’ products they reviewed, they eventually discovered the Cabuchon website and learned that its parent company, Design & Form, could produce custom baths of any size, shape and colour. The couple therefore contacted the customer support team and began a dialogue to consider what was theoretically possible.

During the discussions, the team worked with the customers to agree all the dimensions and physical characteristics of the proposed bath – providing advice, ideas and support wherever required. Cabuchon then went on to create a model of the proposed bath so that the couple could visit the factory, test it out and thereby ensure a perfectly tailored fit.

The details having been agreed, the bespoke bath was then hand built and shipped over to the client’s home, where it was built in to the corner of the bathroom, all finished with a tiled surround. It was installed with wall mounted taps, a hand shower and a combined filler and overflow.

“The Nirvana tub has been a big hit in our family. With its unique shape and the ability to almost fully immerse the body, it really is like sitting in a warm, cozy arm chair. When sunken to bench height, the tub is easy to get into and out of. Overall, much better than a traditional spa tub! The service we received from the Cabuchon staff was impeccable, and we imported the tub into Canada without a hitch. We would highly recommend the company and its products to any discerning customer looking for a truly unique bath.”
Ms R.
The Nirvana Japanese style soaking tub in its marble surround. Ontario.
The Nirvana soaking tub's interior, showing its seat and supportive armrests.