Project Description

Deep Soaking Tub, Palmerston, New Zealand

Product: Calyx 1230 Deep Soaking Tub
Client:        Mr & Mrs T

Deep soaking tub, Palmerston, New Zealand

The Project:

In 2020, Mr and Mrs T decided to refurbish their bathroom in Palmerston, New Zealand. It had originally been built in 1965 and they were unimpressed with the existing, conventionally-shaped bath, which wasn’t particularly comfortable and which allowed the water to cool quickly, especially in winter.

Japanese by birth, Mrs T was aware of the benefits of the traditional ofuro-style deep soaking tub and Mr T had also previously enjoyed this style of bathing. Consequently, this struck them both as an ideal solution. However, one of their particular requirements was that the bath needed to be quite narrow in order to fit the available space, and when they tried to obtain one locally, they struggled to find anything suitable.

As a result, they looked further afield and eventually chanced upon the Cabuchon website. They spoke to the customer services team, who suggested that the Calyx deep soaking tub would be a good match with their requirements. Staff also confirmed that the rim dimensions could be modified to take the overall width down from the usual 815mm to a more compact 780mm.

The order was duly confirmed and the bath was made to the couple’s specifications. It was delivered to New Zealand without any difficulties, in readiness for the final installation.

Once the bathroom was finished, Mrs KT wrote to offer her perspective on the project:

“It was almost one year ago when we started to plan the bathroom renovation. The bathroom was so old and our bathtub was long and shallow, and I often felt uncomfortable because the hot water quickly became lukewarm in winter time.

“As I am Japanese and my Kiwi husband loves soaking in an ofuro so much as well, I wanted to get a Japanese-style ofuro soaking bathtub.

“I searched online to find soaking tubs in New Zealand but I couldn’t find anything so I planned to import a bath tub from Japan. I found some good ones but Japanese ofuro companies were not interested in exporting because of freight problems and prohibitive transport costs. I returned to Google and finally found the Cabuchon website.

“We got in touch and made enquiries about the cost and logistics of getting a soaking tub to New Zealand, given the uncertainty that had arisen as a result of Covid disrupting supply chains internationally. Even in these challenging times, staff were kind to respond to our request.

“We now have really happy bath times, especially in the cold winter season. Cabuchon were most helpful. Thank you so much to all of you.”

Mrs KT
The old bath, before the renovation