Japanese Soaking Tub, Wiltshire, England


"The deep soaking tub has made amazing use of the space available and we couldn't be happier. The jets are very powerful and I have spent many evenings soaking my cares and aches and pains away. Our en suite has been transformed from a cramped and hardly used small shower room, to a place of utter tranquillity."

Japanese Soaking Tub, Surrey, England


"I actually cannot tell you how happy we are to be able to relax in the deep soaking tub, being away from Japan. I am delighted with the new bathroom and with the Calyx. How relaxing it is, spending time in the stylish deep bathtub! I cannot live without it now. The project was an absolute success! I really appreciate your help."

Deep Soaking Tub, Auckland, New Zealand


"Already many of our friends are amazed and envious of the Nirvana deep soaking tub taking so little space in our small en-suite bathroom. It is my happy place! Thank you once again for your prompt attention to all my enquiries and I hope you will continue to satisfy many more customers. We are thrilled. Thanks for your help."

Deep Soaking Tub, New York, USA


"After two years of living with our Calyx soaking tub, I fall more deeply in love with it every day. Being able to fully relax in a bath after or before stressful work days... is more emotionally and psychologically restorative than I ever expected. It is the perfect size and shape for soaking. I can't imagine needing or wishing for anything more than the Calyx."

Colour-Matched Bath & Panel, Penrith


"At 65 years of age but still an outdoors junkie, a shower after a long day just doesn't cut it! Enter Cabuchon into the equation and Oh, my goodness! Our first meeting left me in no doubt about the way forward and I am now the delighted owner of an immaculate hand-built Imersa soaking tub. Gorgeous old-fashioned values with cutting-edge design and build skills."

Deep Soaking Tub, Gateshead, England


"This is sheer luxury and worth every penny. They say "you get what you pay for" and Cabuchon certainly delivers. I have never bathed in anything as comfortable before. It really is like sitting underwater in an armchair! ... We decided to visit the Cabuchon showroom. I have never come across customer service like it; nothing was too much bother. "

Modified Soaking Tub, Hampshire


“When we updated our bathroom, we wanted to fit a deep soaking bath. My wife and I visited Cabuchon’s showroom. Here, they make all their baths to order. We are delighted with the product and with the hands-on support they provided from start to finish. A Great British company that offers customer service that’s second to none.”

Space-Saving Bath, Turriff, Scotland


“The bathroom is in a very small side room with a sloping roof. We stripped the room, re-opened the blocked-in window, and set about searching for a small bath. It had to be less than 1400mm long to fit across the width of the room. We chose the Calyx because it was short, generously deep, and a beautifully simple design. It’s a joy to use.”

Deep Soaking Tub, Helensburgh, Scotland


“We’re delighted with the finished product. It’s just perfect… and we’re amazed at how long the water stays hot. All in all we couldn’t be happier with the end result. Once again, thanks to all at Cabuchon; it was a real pleasure to deal with such a friendly, helpful and knowledgeable company – we would be happy to recommend you to anyone.”

Deep Soaking Tub, Ontario, Canada


“The Nirvana tub has been a big hit in our family. With its unique shape and the ability to almost fully immerse the body, it really is like sitting in a warm, cozy arm chair. The service we received from the Cabuchon staff was impeccable. We would highly recommend the company and its products to any discerning customer looking for a truly unique bath.”